World of Libronet

In fact, our name tells who we are and what we do. Libro means book in many languages. And this large world of books we created, we named Libronet. Libronet is books, texts, content, reading, technology and slightly more. Because it contains hard work, enthusiasm, spirit and curiosity. 



Created by a large team coming from inside, outside and every corner of the publishing world, Libronet promises, with strong investments, a world of culture focused on books and technology.

At the center of this book world built around, Turkey’s new online bookstore, is not only books, but also rich content and colorful social media experiences. Libronet was established as a company that produces technology as much as it is focused on service and content. With a large team, we produce both software- and hardware-based publishing technology for Turkey so that bibliophiles can make use of technology in the most comfortable way possible. We follow with great interest the adventure of publishing around the world.


We realized a fact. Starting out from the fact that the world of books and people gets richer and richer with every new crossing and sharing, we wanted to be a part of this new rhythm. All pieces in the Libronet universe are indeed a part of this rhythm, this music. Each one is like another page of a book.

With a great culture and investments in technology, the World of Libronet, established with a young and dynamic team, turns around culture and life. This is the world of books, readers, authors, publishers, antiquarian booksellers, and bookstores. Cave walls, stone tablets, gazelle skins, parchment, paper and digital screens... As the world turns, forms of writing evolve. But we need to read and write for thousands of years. Libronet pursues these needs and feelings.