Online Bookselling
Having newly arrived on the online bookselling scene, started out with a focus on reader and content, and not just on sales. aims at guiding its readers without falling into the trap of didacticism. will differentiate itself by offering extended information on books on sale, delivering powerful content to the reader, and seeing its audience as readers instead of customers. That is because Libronet,’s umbrella company, fundamentally aims at bringing online bookselling in Turkey up to a world-class quality of service and content. To that end, we see all players in the book market as solution partners.

Having this purpose in mind, we started off by producing and managing book data and stock details in a healthy fashion. We are developing new technological platforms to serve Turkey’s publishing world. 

Electronic Book Services
We see the future of the book world in the growth of the e-book industry. Libronet was built around this idea. We have laid the foundation of an e-book ecosystem where the store-content-technology triangle will work seamlessly. Rapidly digitizing Turkish books on one hand, we are on the other hand busy with the operations required for producing e-book content directly for digital.

Having developed the first store-integrated e-book reading technology of Turkey, Libronet offers the Turkish publishing community its e-reading technologies under the brand name Calibro. Readers from Turkey will have an affordable and healthy reading experience thanks to Libronet.
Digital Publishing
Evolving computer technologies have been revolutionizing the publishing industry. Libronet has, under the brand name PaperSense, geared up its efforts in the field of publishing, not just to keep up with changing trends, but to shape the same as well.

In this context, we have been digitizing thousands of works that make up Turkey’s and world’s memory. To do that, we have created a powerful and dynamic e-book technologies laboratory. With this laboratory, which is to serve all kinds of content producers, we will pioneer in digital publishing platforms too.

Making projects to offer new channels to the publishing world, Libronet is about to commission numerous digital platforms under PaperSense. First examples of such platforms include open system-periodicals platform for universities and scholars who want to publish to their readers, tablet apps connecting independent journals to readers, and device- and web-based book portals that allow primary and secondary schools to manage book readership.
Content Services

Internet has gradually turned into a sea of similar static information that keeps getting repeated and reproduced. The stronghold for those who refuse this is powerful, fresh and dynamic content. Content is everything. Content shall always be Libronet’s priority.

Content shall always be Liboronet’s priority.

We are focused on both digitizing Turkey’s entire published content and making significant additions to it. In this context, PaperSense began, in addition to its regular publishing plan, to produce original high-quality content in the area of book magazine publishing and journalism. Our strong content base in Turkish and other languages is the first modest step toward converting Libronet’s ecosystem into a content-oriented platform.

 Social Library
Readers are the most important actors in the world of books. Considering the rapid socialization of all book projects with commercial or service-based content, we redesign online bookselling as a social platform. For this, readers primarily needed social networks where they can express themselves independently from book trade. We have laid the foundations for this. In this new social network, our goal is to establish a healthy information transfer from experts to readers and from readers to readers. Our greatest aspiration is to add more color to the already colorful world of the reader and of books.
Self Publishing
Our authors bring pride to our country. We have many distinctive authors who did not have the opportunity to become visible, just because they did not have the means to publish their works. With the rapidly growing market share of personal publishing across the world, a new opportunity has emerged for these authors.

Book production technologies are becoming widespread. E-book platforms are getting more powerful. Printing techniques for lower circulation books are now attracting long-deserved attention too. Thus a brand-new publishing language is born for authors, readers and publishers. Current situation offers a new opportunity for new authors and books to rise.

Libronet adopted these new codes of publishing as its editorial policy and became the first personal publication platform running integrated with bookstore, e-book and POD (Print on Demand) services in Turkey.

POD Services
Would you like to have a printed copy of the book you want? Yes, printing a book on demand and deliver it to the reader is no longer harder than buying a copy from a bookstore shelf. Without the need to print and stock thousands of copies, as many books as requested can be delivered directly to readers through the new digital technology called POD (Print on Demand). Libronet established its own POD facilities, through which offset-quality copies can be printed for not only self-published works, but also PaperSense products and books by many Turkish publishers, all in strict adherence to copyright laws. Furthermore, being linked into many POD networks worldwide, Libronet uses its own facilities to print and deliver foreign books to its readers.