Libronet is both the foundation and the roof. It consists of books, notebooks and technology stacked on each other, and the unanimous heroes who link these. It stands on five different initiatives each of which is built around books, and support one another. 
 is Turkey’s “new” online book, movie and music store –new not only for its date of birth, but also for its content, business model, design and language. We work hard to make sure it is always new. In addition to bringing the world of books closer to the readers through e-books, right next to classics, and online second-hand book stores, has a rich film and music archive too. 


The revolution in the field of web technologies and mobile communications have obviously transformed reading habits. While these technologies were claimed to have reduced readership, the solution emerged from within them. Now the reader can carry around his/her library in e-book format on devices equipped with e-ink technology.  Through its brand Calibro, Libronet is integrating itself with this new format, which method will dominate the future of reading.

With this Calibro device running proprietary software, one can read e-books by PaperSense and all other e-book formats. PaperSense books can be seamlessly accessed on an iPad, an Android device or iPhone, on both Mac and Windows operating systems. 


Libronet cares about both content creation and book publishing, which vision is embodied by PaperSense. Papersense’s approach to books reflects the fact that the dance will change when the rhythm changes. Papersense aims at changing the way printed and e-book publishing is managed in Turkey, which is managing both with the same approach. E-book is a book, alright, but it is not just a book.

With its books, e-books, academic journals and technology-based cultural productions, Papersense will serve as both a two-way bridge and a migration route between traditional and digital publishing.  The passport for this journey is our Calibro technology. By its presence and function, Calibro will be a social, cultural and sectoral actor, which will go beyond being a mere technical channel. It will bring a new dynamism to world of books and reading.

SosyoLogos is a social media outlet built around books and readers, which is based on the logic of cataloging books. Offering all book information of Turkey in a catalogue-style manner, Sosyologos allows members to share in various listing formats all books they have read or are planning to read.


Arka Kapak is an independent member of the Libronet world from a content point of view. It is an online book review magazine. This online magazine will offer its readers book reviews, information and news from the world of books. The magazine is also open to contributions from SosyoLogos members.